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James Beard Rising Star

Chef of the Year

Semifinalist 2018

Atlanta Magazine

Best New Chefs 2020

Rod Lassiter & Parnass Lim Savang

Atlanta Magazine

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As of October 2021, Talat Market is no longer offering takeout.

Talat Market never intended to be a Thai takeout restaurant. But… you know what happened. The COVID-19 reality is that takeout kept us afloat. We are forever grateful to everyone who ordered takeout from us since we opened in April 2020.

As a restaurant, we have always been open to growing as long as it’s in service to our guest experience. Now we’re starting to crawl out of our pandemic mindset and our menu has too! As we’ve seen our menu flourish with amazing offerings, our take out menu has, understandably, dwindled.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard something along the lines of, “We’ve been ordering takeout from you for months, loving it! But nothing compares to having a dining experience here at the restaurant.” We want our menu to be geared to that type of experience, complete with our genuine service and welcoming atmosphere.

So as of October 13th 2021, we are suspending our takeout program to focus on our original dream. And to keep our staff and guests safe, we will continue to offer patio dining and masking up! We can’t wait for you to dine with us at our location in Summerhill. As always, thank you for your support.

Did you see Talat Market’s red curry on the cover of Bon Appetit’s October 2020 issue?

“Chef Parnass Savang grew up watching his parents simplify Thai food for American palates and promised himself that his own restaurant, Atlanta’s Talat Market, would never compromise. Then the pandemic hit.”

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